Vinayak Bhat

Senior Partner

About Shri Vinayak Bhat :

Mr. Bhat enrolled with the Bar in 2005 after having completed law from KLE Societies Law College, Bangalore. He began his practice under the guidance of Mr. Ashok Haranahalli and chose to specialize in Civil Appeals, Company matters and Arbitration.

With 13 year of experience at the Bar, Mr. Bhat has created a niche for himself by specializing in Company matters and first and second Civil Appeals. His keen eye for detail and the ability to break cases down into their basics holds him in good stead while convincing the Hon’ble High Court on the intricacies and legal technicalities of civil appeals. His has an in depth knowledge of property laws, laws of succession and conveyencing in general. Mr. Bhat is a technology buff and enjoys trekking and a good read.